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WOW… I think I had an amazing week for books this week. I certainly received some unexpected books in the mail and I was thrilled about!
I purchased only 2 books this week. This is great considering I shouldn’t buy any since I have about 30 books on my shelf right now that need reading!





♥Where She Went (If I Stay #2) by Gayle Forman- No matter how many books I have on my shelf, this book was a must buy and I can’t wait to devour this book!
♥The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott- This should like a cute little read and I couldn’t pass up buying it for only $4.00!
♥Life on Hold and Favorite by Karen McQuestion- This was sent to me from Amazon, which must mean I won them in a giveaway but I’m not sure since I don’t remember entering. Thank you whoever you are!






♥Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz- I was VERY surprise to receive this ARC from Disney-Hyperion…thank you!
♥Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer- WOW….I just can’t believe I received this ARC  in the mail from Penguin…thank you thank you thank you!!

♥Rise (Salvaged 2) by Stefne Miller

Finally I am SUPER EXCITED about receiving my signed copy of Rise (Salvaged 2).  Salvaged was a book that will always stick with me no matter what I read. It was a beautiful story and I shed plenty of tears over it (mostly happy tears). So I cannot wait to start Rise and see where the story takes me this time around.






Also I wanted to show you that a part of my review for Salvaged is quoted in the book Rise and as you can imagine- I’m speechless about being mentioned.  I cannot tell Stefne “thank you” enough for mentioning me and for the thoughtful message she wrote in my signed edition. I simply adore her to pieces!

As you can see- I think I had a awesome week!! Which books did you pick up this week??

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  1. Wow!! Great books!! I keep meaning to read If I Stay, but I just haven’t gotten to it. Now, of course, Where She Went is out, and I’m really behind! ugh!!

    Thanks for sharing your book haul!!

  2. Great mailbox. It’s nice to see Where She Went cover there. I am looking forward to read your thought about it.

    Looking at Wolfsbane remind me that I should read Nightshade soon.

    Yay, they quoted your review. Congrats!!

  3. Awesome IMM! I just got If I Stay, so I’ll definitely be needing the sequel soon. Life on Hold and Favorite are being sent to me to review. Funny how you got them unexpectedly. I hope they are good, I guess we’ll both find out? :)

    Congrats on having a quote from your review featured in the book. What an accomplishment! You should definitely be proud of that… and btw, your ring is totally gorgeous!!!!

    Blessed Sunday!

  4. ‘Where She Went’ is definitely a must-have… I’ll be buying a copy at some point, for sure. I lovedddd it!

    Also love any and all Elizabeth Scott books. Plus the cover of that one is such a pretty colour, I find.

  5. Love, love, love your new books! And you already know that I can’t wait to read WOLFSBANE, provide me with quotes!! The day I went to buy COFA I also saw WHERE SHE WENT, I need to read the first novel in this series, I know I’ll like it. I adore your relationship with Stefne Miller and that she mentioned you in her new book, you really deserve it with your fanastic and dedicated reviews and the fantastic “work” (FUN) you are doing :)

  6. Awesome books! Can’t wait to read Wolfsbane – hope you enjoy it! I just started Where She Went today – I hear it’s amazing.
    That’s so great that you are quoted in Rise. Congrats!
    Enjoy your great books & happy reading!

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